There are thousands of good reasons why magic doesn't rule the world. They're called mages.
Не уверена, насколько описание официальное, — я так понимаю, кто-то перевёл какие-то допы — но тем не менее. Если кому-то непонятно на инглише, спрашивайте.

Scarlet Knight - Two-Handed Weapon HP Absorption Style

Build that uses a two-handed weapon with HP absorption effect with no shield, compensating for damage taken using HP absorption attacks. It is famous because the guild master of "Berserker" Crusty uses this build.
To throw away the shield and use a heavy weapon like a two-handed axe makes it seem like the furthest thing from the standard image of a Guardian. Although and are used to get the attention of the enemy like most Guardians, powerful attack skills and used with high power weapons like an axe, are used alongside with .
Of course, there are more opportunities for you to get hit because of the lack of a shield, it turns the Guardian into a blood-stained being. It is possible to endure attacks from enemy over a long amount of time by utilizing 's which are weapons with HP absorb in conjunction with . It is not possible to build for both offense and defense as the recovery strength is dependent to the damage dealt. This build is ideal for heavy weapons with HP absorb, like Crusty's Phantasmal-class weapon, .
Needless to say, two-handed weapons are slow, even the 's attack speed is quite low. It is necessary to use a lot of normal attacks to continuously recover HP, in addition to using lots of skills that consume MP. When choosing equipment, ones that raise attack speed, give HP absorb and raises defense are preferred. That being said, it is hard to get powerful items that fit those requirements. Among the Guardians, this is the one that is the most dependent on proper equipment.

Juggernaut - Aggressive Skill Rotation

Build with emphasis on continuous usage of skills rather than normal attacks(auto-attack). "Black Sword" Isaac is recognized as the strongest Guardian in Yamato using this build.
It is similar to the Fortress sword and shield style, but the major difference is building for the continuous use for skills through equipment and abilities.
is a powerful skill Guardians use to receive no damage for its duration, but it has a 10 minute cooldown so it is not a special ability that can be used often in battle. However in Elder Tale there are many equipment with cooldown reduction effects. Trump cards like and can be used at higher rates than normal. This build lets your allies attack the enemy full force while you endure.
It also aids in generating Hate, especially if the Guardian uses generously, target change caused by high damage dealers in the rear can be avoided like this. Needless to say you are in trouble if the enemy is still alive after you've spent all your attacks. Because of this you need a good ally who has the experience to properly judge when to launch the offensive.
Getting equipments with abilities like and can be hard. Not the mention the fund and length of time needed to acquire to raise your skill ranks.

Fortress - The True Shield Role

The standard one-handed sword and large shield style of Guardians in Elder Tale.
Standing at the front of the first raising Hate with and to gather enemies to you, it allows allies to move about the battlefield freely but increases the physical strength of enemies. is often used as a basic attack technique.
Damage from enemies is kept to minimum from the high defensive capabilities of the shield, further reinforced by the ability and thick armor, reinforced by . In addition, movement can be sacrificed to increase defense even more with and , granting great detention capabilities. Of course it is impossible to take hits from the enemies forever, but they can maintain the front with recovery and protection from allies even if they can't kill monsters.
However, you don't just sit there and take attacks, also plays an important role as it can interrupt enemies. Therefore it is important to know the "attack you can't let happen" and be prepared to interrupt it.

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